Eric Bailey

Vice President

Eric Bailey has worked in government affairs and public policy for 21 years. He brings an extensive background and unique perspective to his approach in delivering the needs of clients at Joe Tanner and Associates. Throughout his career Eric has demonstrated the ability to work with businesses, community leaders, and lawmakers to advance issues and initiatives that improve the quality of life in their community. His experience has led to expertise that transcends across a wide spectrum including government affairs, community organizing and public relations, and business development and procurement.

Prior to coming on board with Joe Tanner & Associates, Eric was the Georgia Government Relations Director of the American Cancer Society. In this position, he managed all heath care and public health issues at the state and federal level. These issues included the different nuances and changes to federal and state health care laws, reducing cancer incident and mortality rates by improving access to early detection and prevention programs and treatment, and applying scientific evidence based research to improve public health laws. Because of his interpersonal skills and leadership, he was selected by the American Cancer Society to be a part of a very elite team to lead discussions with staff about the importance of reorganizing and transforming the organization. 

Eric Bailey began his career in government affairs and public policy in 1999 in Chicago, IL, where he received certification to manage issue and electoral campaigns. In 2000 and 2004, he managed numerous electoral campaigns across the country including Georgia. From 2001 to 2003 Eric worked as a political consultant and organizer for the Service Employee International Union where he led efforts to improve home ownership, education, and the growth of small business, by developing a new community partnership with Yale Corporation and the city of New Haven, CT.

Eric is an Atlanta native where he grew up spending his summers in South Georgia. He received a Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Southern University. He prides himself in creating and executing education and media campaigns to bolster community support. But when he’s not working he enjoys physical activity and coaching AAU basketball. He and his wife live in the Atlanta metro area.